Who We Are


GOOD ERASE Company belonging to Square1 World Wide Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 2005, is actively indulged in providing services for interior designing and manufacturing, trading & exporting of home decorative such as texture paints, wall covering, wooden flooring, wall papers, wood blinds, window blinds, roller blinds, modular acoustic ceiling, luxuries venial floors and stain proof carpets. Our valuable experience has helped us to trade & manufacture our products confirming to international quality criteria. Deep customer focus, optimum quality, passion for innovation, and ethical business practices have contributed to our track record of success. We transform dreams into innovative creation by bringing colors to life. Our services have been prompt and professional due to our dedicated team Skill of our efficient workforce has helped us to clearly understand the clients' requirement and provide effective solutions that are inline with their expectation.
GOOD ERASE is a treatment provided to any of your wall and of the size you decide so that the part of the wall turns in to a dry erase board. Once installed and cured you can write on the board by standard erasable markers of any colour.As the board is white any color come out bright and beautiful.Wiping out can be done with a soft cloth.

In face GOOD ERASE can beapplied to any smooth surface such as refrigerator, desks or cupboards. The sticky notes can be misused but the GOOD ERASE notes can be after a single use . Leaving notes for family members can now be easy and safe .

For Decades together the world has seen various types of boards used in school and colleges with chalk as the medium to write on. All these boards whether they were black or white had a specific and inherent issue with them. These boards were as dumb as the walls they were placed on.Theyfailed to bring either life or cheer to the class.

One of the most prominent health issues involved in traditional blackboards is about the chalk dust which got inhaled by the teacher as well as the sudent for. This did not get resolved for decades till the whiteboards arrived on the scene